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What is STIL?

The SID Tune Information List (STIL) contains information about the SID tunes found in the HVSC beyond the standard TITLE, AUTHOR, and COPYRIGHT information. STIL goes a little deeper listing SID tune information that only a true SID freak would enjoy. Such information listed in STIL includes cover information, interesting facts, useless trivia, comments on the tunes by the composers themselves, etc. The STIL, though, is limited to factual data and does not try to provide an encyclopedia about every original artist.

Why was STIL created? What is STIL good for?

The High Voltage SID Collection's (HVSC) Crew sincerely believes in creating the most accurate and comprehensive SID collection possible. We also believe in giving proper credit to all composers regardless if they ever composed on the Commodore 64. How many times have you asked yourself, "Where have I heard this tune before?!" STIL helps to ease some of those questions.

STIL is also extremely valuable for the future of SID music collections. Imagine years ahead when the HVSC maintainers are no longer available for input for whatever reasons. Wouldn't it be a shame if someone began to alter the credit fields of the tunes in HVSC based on incorrect data?

Another feature of STIL is that it contains information and/or quotes about certain tunes that the creators of the SID tunes provided themselves. We strive to include such information in STIL whenever possible, which we believe enhances the value of HVSC and gives a more historical sense to this great archive. If you are a SID composer and your SID tunes are in HVSC and you wish to provide comments on some of them, don't hesitate to contact any of us!

Most of the SIDPlay programs available on various platforms nowadays can also display information found in the STIL for a given SID tune along with the SID that is being played. Obviously, they get the info from the STIL.txt file itself.

NOTE: Although initially STIL did list bugs that were present in certain tunes within HVSC, the current HVSC administration team felt that it is better to provide a separate list of them. Since the list's creation, more and more bugged SIDs got fixed. If you think you can help (either listing bugs or providing bugfixed SID files), please refer to BUGlist.txt in the DOCUMENTS directory of HVSC. However, if a SID sounds bugged and the original released game or demo that the SID was extracted from was also bugged (for example: /Ouwehand_Reyn/Last_Ninja_3.sid subtune #3), STIL in this case would notify you of this as technically it is not a bug that was caused by a bad rip.

Please read the STIL FAQ for further details.

Comments, suggestions, or additions? please e-mail the STIL Administrator at Laust Brock-Nannestad <>!