Who are we?

Polyteknisk Radiogruppe (The Polytechnic Radio Group, PRG) was founded in the early 1940’s as a meeting place for radio amateurs. With time, the focus gradually expanded to include home made audio equipment (amplifiers and speakers) – quite popular during the 80’s – as well as general electronics and computer related tasks. These days most members play around with analog and digital electronics, ranging from microcontrollers (Arduino or pure AVR/PIC) to programmable logic such as FPGAs.

We still have radio active members and an antenna on the roof of building 101.

We have just under 40 members coming and going at all days of the week. We mainly cater to students at DTU or those that have already graduated, but everyone is welcome to join. We meet weekly on wednesdays at 17:30, so if you’re curious and want to see what’s going on, stop by wednesday evening.

You can find the PRG in facebook and join to the RadioGrouppe using the next link.

Highlighted posts

Meet the PRG the 15th and 16th of february

The Radiogrouppe wil be presented to the students in the DSE PF student fair.
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How to add new content to PRG webpage

This is a copy of the content of the file readme.md from the repository of the webpage on github.
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PRG launch his new website

We are launching a new website with updated information about our radiogrouppe. PRG is a club for all DTU students interested in HAM radio communication and electronics.
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